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Every year we hold three major fundraisers that help support us and our community.


The members of the Fort Morgan Lions Club are committed to serving the community in which we live in and have several ways that we try and do this. One of the ways that we help give back is through our Lion's Mint Program. It is a very simple, yet effective program that is easy to manage and maintain. We simply have 4 different types of mints that come in small boxes which fit in a holder and bears the Lion's Club logo. They are placed throughout the community in businesses that will allow us to put them in their establishments to sell to the public. We ask for a donation of .50 for a roll of mints, but the program runs completely on the honor system because we do not want the businesses to have to monitor the program, although a lot of our businesses do a great job of making sure the mints are getting paid for and are kept full. We collect and maintain the holders every couple of weeks so that we can stay as current as possible with funds and full stations. It is an easy way to put the Lion's Club name out in the community and at the same time help earn a little extra to support our causes.

Catering Trailer

Fort Morgan Lions Club has a catering trailer, which can be seen out and about throughout most of the year. We specialize in producing very fresh American style sausage, award winning pancakes and eggs and providing hot and cold drinks. In fact, there are only a few "Pancake Extraordinaire" left among our club members who have the ancient skill and recipe to cook and prepare the food to perfection.

The trailer (doubles as our billboard) is available to attend all sorts of events such as festivals and community events. Our most popular and largest fund raisers are the Glen Miller Fly-In, Fall Harvest Car Show and Community Breakfast. The only constraint is that we have enough people to man it through the duration of the event and to ensure that it is cleaned thoroughly after the event. The trailer is controlled by the caravan officer, who is responsible for taking bookings, making sure that it is in perfect working order, it has been stocked according to the event in question, that the trailer has enough manpower to operate it and that it is cleaned after use.

Spaghetti Dinners

You take gallons of tomato sauce, pounds of ground beef, and hundreds of meatballs and combine in large roaster with a great amount of LOVE, Tender Care, and secret ingredients and special spices. This mixture is simmered slowly for most of a day and served by many cheerful and caring Lions in the evening to a very receptive public. The monies raised go to fund the various community projects the Fort Morgan Lions are involved in (such as Kids Sight). A great side benefit is the fellowship and good humor that it provides to all the Lions that participate. We hope this fun project continues for many more years.