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We here at Fort Morgan Lions Club strive to better our community and the people in our community. We provide many services to help us achieve this goal.

Colorado Lions Camp

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The Colorado Lions Camp, located near Woodland Park, Colorado, provides a quality week-long camp experience in the summer months for children and adults with disabilities. Colorado Lions Camp provides an outdoor recreation experience designed to meet the needs of each camper. Activities are planned which allows campers to develop individual skills and interests. A high camper to staff ratio is maintained to facilitate these goals. Colorado Lions Camp is licensed by the State of Colorado, Department of Human Services. The camp staff is trained to assist campers through a program of activities and daily needs. All staff receive training in First Aid and CPR, plus a nurse is in residence 24 hours a day. Staff attends training sessions on topics such as communication skills (including sign language) and sensitivity needs of the campers. Each camp session has a maximum of 48 campers in the care of 20-25 staff members. The Fort Morgan Lions Club has donated to the camp to help support its mission, and has also sponsored campers to attend each summer.

Eye Care Funding

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The Fort Morgan Lions Club can assist in funding individuals on a small scale for such needs as eye exams or eye glasses. However, if help is requested on a larger financial scale, the club will contact the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank (RMLEB). Their organization provides eye, organ, and tissue transplants, specifically for those with corneal diseases. Grants are available for the disadvantaged and uninsured through the Eye Surgery Fund, a project sponsored by the RMLEB. Requestors should be able to demonstrate having exhausted all other funding options as well as be able to demonstrate a need through financial documentation. Requests that meet all of these requirements will be reviewed by the RMLEB. The person requesting the assistance will have a person from the local club to help them with the process or they can apply directly through the RMLEB by logging onto their webite at 

Fort Morgan Lions Club Kids Sight Program

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KidSight is a free vision-screening program where the local Lions Club volunteers as well Lions volunteers throughout Colorado conduct vision-screening sessions at preschools and other early childhood centers. The program is designed for children ages three through five, but the technology can be used to screen children as young as one. The screening is free to the students, families and schools participating due to the support and volunteer efforts of the Lions of Colorado.

The screening is easy for children to do. It is as simple as having your child's picture taken. Local Lions Club volunteers use a screening device called a plusoptiX S12C". It is a state-of-the-art vision-screening device which is 85-90% accurate in detecting vision problems. Each child takes only minutes, requires no preparation or medication, and is totally painless. Parents must complete a consent form prior to the screening.

The KidSight screening program is designed to detect vision problems in children such as Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Astigmatism, Strabismus (misaligned eyes), and Anisometropia (unequal refractive power).

The first few years of a child's life are critical in the development of good vision. Preschoolers should have their vision checked for issues such as misaligned eyes, and problems that need correction with eyeglasses. These problems are not always evident by simply looking at a child. Young children often compensate for vision problems so well that parents, teachers, and pediatricians are unaware of a problem. By the time a child is old enough to be in primary grades, many of these common vision-robbing conditions can no longer be effectively treated. Amblyopia, or more commonly known as lazy-eye, can develop when an undetected vision problem goes untreated during a child's formative years. This is also the leading cause of vision loss in children and is preventable. If detected Amblyopia is easily treated.

One thing for parents to remember is if your child does have vision trouble there are long-term issues that can be avoided. Children can experience poor academic performance, low self-esteem, have limited involvement in social and sporting events, and behavioral problems (7 out of 10 juvenile delinquents have an undiagnosed vision problem).

All results of the child's vision screening will be sent to the screening site along with a copy to the Club's contact person. If a possible vision problem is detected, referral packets will be included for parents. Please remember that this is only a screening and does not constitute a diagnosis of vision problems. Individual health insurance or Medicaid should cover most follow-up exams; however, plans vary and you many need to contact your child's primary care provider for more information. Contact your local Lions Club if you have any questions or need assistance.

The Fort Morgan Lions Club works with 6 preschool sites in the Fort Morgan area and if you are interested in our program please email for information or to inquire about setting up a screening.

Fulton Heights Park Support

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The Fort Morgan Lions Club, Bruntz Electric and the City of Fort Morgan partnered to make contributions to matching the grant to upgrade the equipment at Fulton Heights Park in Fort Morgan.

Highway Clean-Up

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The Fort Morgan Lions Club adopted the north side of Hwy 52, between the Rainbow Bridge and County Road T.5 (Golf Course Road) for its clean-up project. The Highway Adoption Agreement is between the Fort Morgan Lions Club and Colorado Department of Transportation and has been renewed over several years. Our members can be found every six months or so picking up trash from this highway. This project is one of the many ways the Lions add value to the community they live in and to encourage individuals or groups to clean up highway roadsides and to recognize those volunteers who do. Participation in the program also fosters a sense of community ownership of the roadway as well as a sense of pride in its appearance.

We Recycle!

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We recycle cell phones, copier & printer cartridges, digital cameras and eye glasses in order to promote Lions projects and give back to our community. Drop boxes can be found at the following Fort Morgan locations:

  • Bank of Colorado, 401 Main St.
  • Danford Realty, 300 E. Platte Ave.
  • Fort Morgan Area Chamber of Commerce, 300 Main St.
  • Kiowa Eye Care Center, 231 Prospect St.

We thank you for your donations!

Lions Club Speech Contest

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Each year, Colorado Lions Clubs sponsor a student speech contest. The purpose of this contest is:

  • to provide an opportunity for public speaking on a subject of interest to contestants and to the larger community;
  • to provide a vehicle for youth and members of Lions Clubs to interact in the community
  • to stimulate self-expression and independent thinking

Students who enter the Lions Club Speech Contest may qualify to compete at the local club, region, district and state levels. The contest is open to any student of high school age. Entrants must submit a written manuscript of their speech to the sponsoring Lions Club prior to the first competition. The same speech must be used for all competitions. Winners at each level receive cash awards.

The Lions Club Speech Contest is an outstanding opportunity for high school age students to earn valuable experience with public speaking. Such experience can serve as a useful tool in the development of poise and confidence with leadership roles. The Fort Morgan Lions Club is pleased to sponsor this annual event which is usually held in early February.

Community Contributions

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Fort Morgan Lions Club gives 90+% of its contributions to the local community by supporting a variety of initiatives that enhance community life in the Fort Morgan area. Most of the projects that Fort Morgan Lions Club supports are youth-focused. All contributions are made at the discretion of the Board and are subject to the resources currently available to the Club. Priority will be given to local contribution requests. Please contact a local Lions Club Member for more information on how to apply for support.

If you would like to submit a request for funds please fillout this form and email it to The Fort Morgan Lions Board will review the requests during their regular monthly meetings. A representitive from the board will contact the person who has submitted the request after a decision has been made.

FM Lions Club Contribution Request Form.pdf

Supporting Youth Activities

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Fort Morgan Lions Club has a history of supporting Fort Morgan High School Academic Booster Club, Athletic Booster, Music Booster and National Honor Society.



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The Fort Morgan Lions Club maintains a non-profit, 501(c)3 scholarship organization, Lions Foundation of Morgan County. The goal is to invest contributions from the club to generate enough income to provide a scholarship. Each year, the Foundation awards a $1,000 scholarship to a Fort Morgan High School Senior who plans to attend college the following school year. The Foundation has a board of directors separate from the club directors. However, each director must be a member of the club. Scholarship applications are available to students at the Fort Morgan High School Counseling Office.